<h5> Who We Are </h5>
		<p>  Remember those kids in school who you knew were smart, but spent their time sticking 'I'm too sexy for my sweater' post-its on the backs of peoples' uniforms while still managing to ace the test the following 
		week? Well, that's us. We're not defiant, we're purposefully unconventional. We're really good at thinking outside that box everyone speaks of and that's why our design solutions are so delicious. We're from New York City. We're allergic to ordinary. </p>
		<h5> Design Practice </h5>
		<p>  Insist on examining everything yourself; 1 + 1 doesn't equal 2 until you've proven it so. That pretty much covers it.  </p>
		<h5> Contact </h5>
		<p>hello @ jerrymejia.com </p>
Jerry Mejia Design Studio